Jody Cooley is Running for Georgia State Senate Seat 49

For Hall County.

For Georgia State Senate.

For Everyone.

Jody Cooley is a moderate.

Like so many, he’s tired of the extreme left and the extreme right, because often the best path is down the middle.

If you’re concerned about the issues, but tired of extreme politics, Jody’s campaign and website is for you.

“Jody is a trustworthy and dependable person. He would be a great senator for the people of Gainesville.”

Dr. Carlton LewisLifelong Friend

Purple. It's What We Get When We Bring Red and Blue Together.

Jody Cooley is running for Georgia State Senate Seat 49 because democracy is under attack in Georgia. Disinformation, monied partisan special interests, and a pandemic of cynicism and vitriol threaten our system of self-governance.

Jody wants to provide voters a different choice, by offering experienced leadership on real issues like public education, public safety, public health, and political reform. You know, the stuff that really matters.

The fringes are fighting hard, whether we like it or not. Jody encourages you to take a hard look at his experience and positions.

Come join Jody in the middle, support this campaign and vote for sensible leadership in November.

When we change course and start working together, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

Meet Jody Cooley

I want to offer voters a different choice.

Meet Lora Cooley

Lora Cooley has been married to Jody for over 35 years.

Meet Leo & Maeve

Woof Woof! Vote for Jody Cooley and We Get Treats!

The Cooley Family

Jody and Lora have two daughters and one son-in-law.

Jody Cooley loves spending time with his family.

It’s Time for Reasonable and Trustworthy Leadership In the Georgia State Senate.


It’s Time for Jody Cooley.