Straight Talk from Jody Cooley on the Issues that Matter

Business and Jobs

Jody Cooley feels that having a job is the best social program ever created. A job instills discipline, a sense of self-worth, and responsibility.  That said, Georgia needs to provide incentives for businesses to grow and thrive in order to create good jobs for our citizens. That includes a low tax and regulatory-friendly environment to ensure that Georgia is the best place in the country to do business.

Roe v Wade and Women’s Rights

Georgia women should have the right to control their own bodies prior to natural viability. Jody Cooley will work to reinstate and protect that right.

Public Safety and Gun Violence

We must find a way to fill all open public safety positions, and those public servants should be paid competitively so that public service can be a career that does not require those servants to work second jobs. Jody will introduce legislation to ban assault weapons, and to support the reimposition of the permitting requirement for concealed weapons. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Public Education

Schools should not be drawn into the culture wars for political gain. Jody Cooley supports LOCAL control of curriculum by LOCALLY elected school boards, and he opposes needless laws that make it MORE difficult for teachers to teach. The teacher pay scale should be raised. Georgia is the BEST state in the country to do business, and Georgia should be the BEST state in the country to teach.

Political Reform

Jody Cooley supports term limits, and opening the ballot to more independents. Both will reduce the power of lobbyists and harsh partisanship.

Public Health

Georgia should accept all available federal dollars to help ensure that all of our citizens receive affordable basic health care. This will help stabilize the rural hospital crisis and reduce the load on emergency rooms currently serving as primary care facilities.